Digital Reflection: (Jan. 23, 2015)

-Being a nineteen year old, social media is a very prominent thing in my life. As sad as it is, I don’t go a day without being on Twitter, or looking at my Facebook and Instagram. I enjoy it a lot more now than I did in high school because I can still keep up with friends at home or that are at different colleges and see what they are up to. I also like it because I can easily talk to family members that live in other states. Compared to older ways of communication, digital writing is so much faster and easier. Instead of writing a letter for example, I can e-mail or Facebook message people I want to speak to and get an instant response, when I would’ve had to wait a week or longer. In an interest aspect, it is so much easier to read up on or follow certain sports teams or celebrities by “friending” them or “following” them on social media. So many forms of writing are available too. Through products like a Nook or Kindle, an iPad or iPhone, or downloading PDF’s on a computer. I hope to become an English teacher and digital writing is something that can be useful with middle and high schoolers. Using blogs, and online journals for research or references while teaching would be a great way to use technology since it has become such a factor in education. Even now, while in school digital writing has made projects and research so much easier. It takes only a couple of minutes to find something instead of fifteen or twenty minutes. As a college student time is such an important factor and anything that can lessen the amount of time used up to focus on the task and get enough information to complete it is such a helpful tool. Overall, I think digital technologies are so important and influential to not only my generation but the older ones. It encourages reuniting with old friends and family members and expands knowledge of places and people that some may have never thought about. For example, my grandfather, who is 85, now uses the internet to search people that he hasn’t spoken to in years and to research places that he has been to see the differences from then to now, and to look at places he always dreamed of going. Digital technologies opens up so many doors for people and it will continue to do so in the future.

Hashtag Analysis: (Jan. 30, 2015)

-When we first discussed this assignment I had no idea what hashtag to choose. I knew I wanted to pick one that was towards a good cause or that made a difference but I’m not very familiar with anything like that. I try to avoid the news as best I can because I never see anything uplifting or good, therefore, I have no idea what’s going on around the world or even in the country. So, I scratched the idea of a hashtag for something like ISIS or that horrible event that happened in Paris a few weeks ago. I began to think of things that were important to me and the first thing that came to my mind was the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. I have been a part of this event in my hometown since I was 8 years old.I went to the website to find some information and the first thing I saw was “#morebirthdays”, I instantly knew this was the hashtag I had to look further into. The theme of Relay changes every year, but the motto stays the same: “To a World with less cancer and more birthdays”.
The hashtag began once the American Cancer Society entered the Twittersphere and attempted to get the word out about cancer and all the amazing things Relays around the country are doing. When someone tweets or posts on Facebook and tumblr. they do so to catch the attention of readers and usually follow the hashtag with a link to read more. Just by posting this hashtag people are being exposed to the fight against cancer and the hashtag itself reveals the goals behind it. Less cancer equals more birthdays; for years all over the country the ACS has been trying to get people involved and somehow touch every American as possible because cancer touches everyone. Whether it’s a direct connection or indirect; a scare or the real deal; cancer has somehow been involved with the lives of every American. At this point in time the hashtag is to attempt to grab people’s attention to look further into the ACS or the disease itself. To get the word out that the organization is determined to find the cure to this disease that has taken too many good people.
For me, the hashtag means so much more than a link to information or a trending topic: it’s hope. When any person is dealing with something like cancer, hope is the best thing to have. This hashtag is the symbol of the overall goal to find a cure so more people can have birthdays. I’m sure other people see it differently but in some way it’s just a symbol, or the overall thought to represent what the American Cancer Society has wanted for years. With each hashtag posted one more person is being exposed to the compassionate, determined, and selfless people behind this organization with one thing on their minds; to rid the world of cancer.

What Creativity Means to Me: (Feb. 25, 2015)

– When I think of creativity, I think of anything that someone has created from scratch. Whether it was some sort of writing, like a song or drawing perhaps, the creator came up with it on their own. Recently I began reading poetry by Lang Leav and on more than one occasion I would finish reading one of her poems and have no idea she came up with it. She usually writes her poetry in different sections or chapters; Pre, Present and Post- love. The audience feels like it would mainly be girls, but some could be for anyone. Her poems during the pre phase are definitely about finding love and having doubt about ever finding it. During the present love all of her poems are very happy and speak of how in love the author is. Towards the end of the Present-Love chapter Leav foreshadows losing her love by writing about fearing that lose. The last section/ chapter is full of poems that have depression and lose laced through the words. These poetry books are for the broken-hearted, the lonely, and the loved.

Featured imageLang Leavleav 3

To be creative or have creativity is something that is so special. The idea that someone can just create something on their own and be able to touch other people and then inspire them to create something as well is crazy. I’m not the kind of person to be able to come up with something on my own, so I really envy people who are just laced with creativity. It can be found in so many things besides art or literature. In cooking, designing, even rearranging furniture in a room; creativity is everywhere.

A/V Analysis: (Feb. 27,2015)

I chose a meme of a picture of Ryan Gosling with the text “Hey girl, keep up the studying. It looks good on you”. The point of the meme is to get girls to study because Ryan Gosling is telling them it looks “good on them”. The main audience of this are female students, mainly due to it addressing girls, but also that it’s an attractive man. The image is to be an extra motivation for girls to continue studying. If someone like Ryan Gosling, or the female equivalent, say Jennifer Aniston told you to study, you would right? By using an attractive celebrity it enables viewers to not only laugh because it’s clever and funny, but it also makes them question whether they should be studying or not. I don’t think it really created a new type of text, if anything it just modernized, if it could do that, because it has such a popular celebrity used in the meme. Because Ryan Gosling is used, I believe that he would own it if that’s possible.The audience profits off of it visually, but Gosling himself profits from the advertisement. I don’t believe the people who made the meme profit, money wise because it’s not like the meme has to be downloaded or bought to use. It’s right on Google and it’s easily printable. I believe that the audience is the most profited by this meme.

Mapping Systems (April 10, 2015)

First of all, I’m confused on what a system in this context actually is. In the “semiotic domain” aspect, social media is a huge space in a digital way. Twitter, for example is the number one place for people to objectify their lives and let everyone who is interested, or pretend to be interested, what is going on whether we care or not. It’s the place where people bitch, post pictures, give their unwanted/ irrelevant opinions. This space is pretty useless if you really think about it, but I know I probably wouldn’t enjoy life half as much without it (yes, I know how sad that sounds).

System Analysis (April 13,2015)


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