A/V Project.

Individual: Memes

Ariel meme. Belle meme Cinderella meme. Elsa meme. Jasmine meme. Merida meme Mulan meme Rapunzel meme. Sleeping Beauty meme Snow Beauty meme. Tiana meme.

I chose to make Disney Princess memes because I thought it would be enjoyable to me because I love them so much. I’ve seen so many funny memes on Twitter, tumblr. and other social media sites, but I rarely see memes about them. I wanted to create funny memes that almost made fun of the princesses. The most challenging part of this was coming up with what I was going to write. because there are only 12 princesses isn’t too long of a process, but actually creating the sentence was difficult.

Group Project:


We came up with the “No More” campaign in reference to social media and ludicrousness of it. how so many people just go on social media to complain or to get as many followers and likes as possible. We hoped to get the point across of how ridiculous people sound and that people actually get upset over such dumb things. The biggest challenge, I think, was actually editing the video and trying to make it as perfect as possible. The script wasn’t too hard because we all chose things we wanted to talk about and wrote them ourselves then later, put it together. Actually filming the video was a lot of fun, and a great experience as a whole.


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