Procedural Rhetoric Project.


Individual (May 6, 2015):–so-once-upon-a-time

Collaborative (May 6, 2015):

Proposal (April 20, 2015):

Individual: Using Twine, I’m going to create a fairytale that has commentary behind it. Using the highlighted words, I’ll take my sarcastic take on the fairytale that I created.

Collaborative: I will be working with Dan and Caty and we will be modifying the computer game Sims. In the game the actual sims themselves don’t have a language, they speak more of a jibberish type thing, and our project will creating the language itself. By creating the language itself, we will give these characters their voice in the game. By giving players options of what their sim will say, it gives them a chance to take their character and have different options of how that sim will “live”. There will be three options during a certain situation and each of us will create one. Based on the thought bubble, that’s where the sim will go. We each will explain what would happen if the player decides to take their sim in one of our thought bubbles.

Procedural Composition (April 21,2014)

The story would be a tour of my home town and each highlighted word will lead to different part. I don’t really know exactly what to do but it has to do with that.


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