Social Media Project.

Blog Proposal:

On the Saint Bonaventure University ‘Relay for Life’ blog, I would be the head of the Relay for Life committee for Bona’s first annual relay. By going to, students, staff and anyone else who would be interested in the event would visit the blog to look at the “Who, What, When, Why and How” of relay. The design of the site would be simple because of the amount of information provided on the site. The colors would be gray, black and purple (purple is the main color of Relay for Life because it is the color of the general cancer ribbon). The title of the site would be “Relay for Life: Saint Bonaventure Edition” and under the title, there would be a photo of the Relay for Life poster, which is a purple crescent moon with three starts and the words “Relay For Life” lined up vertically. The first page would have a brief introduction of myself, why I wanted to start a relay for Bonaventure and my “Reason to Relay”. That would contain how I’ve been involved in my hometown’s relay since it started when I was eight and that my late uncle died from lung, esophageal and liver cancer.  Giving a personal experience with cancer would give an emotional edge to the introduction and when I wrap it up with mentioning how everyone is touched by cancer somehow it would be a good example. Towards the top of the page would be the options of the other pages on the site: “How to Relay”, “Important Dates”, “Bona’s Goals” and “The Journey”. On the “How to” page  there will be the directions of putting a team together for the event that fundraises for the cause, how to sign up on the relay website,, then they must start fundraising. The date, time and location of relay is posted here along with a picture of the 2015 Relay for Life poster. The “Important Dates” will have the details of relay once again, it will have other, smaller fundraising events that are either being put on by another relay or a certain team taking part in the Bonaventure relay. “Bona’s Goals” is the page that will have all of the goals throughout the process of making this relay successful. The goal number of teams, the goal number of sponsors, the goal attendance and the biggest goal of how much money is raised by the Bonaventure relay. The last page will about the journey of the committee and trying to make this event as amazing as possible. From putting the word out around campus, to going around the area trying to get sponsors. This would be the most “blog-like” page of the sight. It will be updated every week to keep the participants or anyone who is interested knowledgeable of the process. This page will have a picture of the Luminarias, one of the most special parts of relay. Luminarias are paper bags decorated in memory or in honor of someone who is in the midst, lost or who has beaten their battle with cancer. There is a candle placed inside the bag that is lit at dusk and burns throughout the night to illuminate the track. The site should be easy to function and will be used as another source to spread word of Bonaventure’s first Relay for Life.

Hashtag Proposal:


This hashtag is based off the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster from the World War II era of the United States. Feminism is a huge subject on Social Media lately due to the hugely followed Meninist twitter and this hashtag could be used while some enraged female or male who are feminists or support feminism are trying to make an argument- because there are so many on Twitter or Facebook daily- against someone who is saying a negative remark about or towards feminists or feminism.

href=”; data-width=”466″><div class=”fb-xfbml-parse-ignore”><a href=”″>Post</a&gt; by <a href=””>Vanity Fair</a>.</div></div>

In these tweets/ Facebook post, the hashtag #WeCanDoIt would perfectly fit into the main point of feminism, and equality for women. This hashtag brings the Women’s Movement back to it’s earlier years when women had to step up to the plate and work during a difficult time when men weren’t around. This hashtag can compare the early days to modern equality of men and women and exemplify how far women have come.

Tumblr. Proposal:

This tumblr. is Saint Bonaventure’s own “Dear Abby”, only it’s called “Dear Bonnie”. It’s where students would ask questions or ask for advice on the difficulties of life as a college student. The first months as a college student are scary and this would be a place to go to see that they aren’t the only one having troubles and have a place to confide in. Because it’s anonymous anybody could ask “Bonnie” for advice, whether it was a freshman or a graduating senior who is nervous about entering the “real world”.


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